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Modern Original Person – Castillo

While slightly clichéd, the saying “never judge a book by its cover” rings true in 2016 more than ever. There’s a major shift toward embracing originality instead of conformity. We profiled one of the industry’s “mane” men, Castillo, who beauties like Ruby Rose, Priyanka Chopra, and Halle Berry count on to keep them looking red […]

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Modern Original Person – Mariea Huynh

This month we sat down with Mariea Huynh, a Miami-based creative for our very first article in MOP’s  Modern Original People interview series. We initially met Mariea at a casting call where she stood out amongst the crowd. Mariea is a fashion forward Garment Artist / Designer for her hand made clothing line Nonsense, Co-Owner […]

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Bullied – A Poem By Buddy Feldshon

How does it feel, to go through your life Knowing things will be done and said to you, that will cut like a knife And you think to yourself, why is this happening to me You know you’re a good person, can’t anyone see And they will do things to hurt you,  it just doesn’t […]

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