Bullied – A Poem By Buddy Feldshon


How does it feel, to go through your life

Knowing things will be done and said to you, that will cut like a knife

And you think to yourself, why is this happening to me

You know you’re a good person, can’t anyone see

And they will do things to hurt you,  it just doesn’t seem right

For your tears and your fear, are with you day into night

And you start to think to yourself, am I really of no worth

Was it all a mistake, was I worthless from birth

And the thoughts start to dominate, Should this all come to an end

It seems all that I have is misery, as my true and only friend

So each and every day, I have this terrible feeling of dread

And I think to myself, am I better off dead?

Because I just can’t take the laughing, the insults and names

To them it must seem, as if it’s the funniest of games

So let me tell you all now, that the hurt you do is real

And I just can’t understand, all the joy that you feel

For putting someone down, just so you can feel good

Makes me ask the question, why anyone would?

And I now know the answer, it is as clear as a bright, sunny day

Because you are so unhappy with yourself, you figure someone else has to pay

As long as it’s not you, you could continue living the lie

But You will have to answer to GOD, on that very day that you die

So why don’t you all stop, and start changing your ways

So we can all live in peace, for all the rest of our days!

Buddy Feldshon is a Sales Manager and Motivational Speaker for FourSTAR Salon Services in New York & Connecticut. To learn more about Buddy Feldshon and his speaches please  visit: SalonExcellenceConsulting.com. We are proud to call him a member of the MOP family and appreciate him sharing his wonderful poem on bullying. Please visit: NotInOurTown.orgItGetsBetter.org, or HRC.org to learn how you can help stop bullying in your community.