Modern Original Person – Mariea Huynh

This month we sat down with Mariea Huynh, a Miami-based creative for our very first article in MOP’s  Modern Original People interview series. We initially met Mariea at a casting call where she stood out amongst the crowd. Mariea is a fashion forward Garment Artist / Designer for her hand made clothing line Nonsense, Co-Owner of Square Meal Productions creative studio, as well as a model.

Below is a snippet of our conversation with Mariea. We hope that by highlighting Modern Original People around the world we will inspire others to connect with our modern original community. Stay tuned for more!

MOP: Where do you find inspiration?

MH: I find inspiration in everyday things, the things that are taken for granted. Catching a sunrise, having a really spontaneous conversation with a stranger, and most recently what gives me chills when it happens, is catching the clock at 11:11. All these little things, I take as the universe’s way of letting me know that  I’m on the right path and reinforces my creative vision.

MOP: What’s the best part of your day?

MH: Honestly, it’s hard to say as my days are quite random. I dabble in numerous things which lead to one day working on set for extensive hours watching magic happen behind a camera, and then another day, filled with quiet solitude. Time where I feel super creative and just design pieces. Those times are pretty special… to feel inspired, brainstorm an idea and manifest it into something physical right before your eyes.

MOP: What’s your go-to MOP product?

MH: When I got booked as a hair model for MOP’s event in Miami, the stylist cut my hair short and applied MOP orange peel molding cream. It had a refreshing scent and held beautifully. I really loved it!

MOP: What does being a Modern Original Person mean to you?

MH: Staying true to yourself no matter what others are doing. Fear is the only thing that keeps us from experiencing life, so be fearless and be the perfect version of yourself, because you can.

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