Modern Original Person – Deborah Carver

Every super hero has an origin story, and Deborah Carver’s is as good as anything Horatio Alger could have written. Born to an Austrian mother and a father who immigrated to the United States from Russia when he was five, Carver is Alger’s American Dream writ large, a first-generation American who rose from humble beginnings […]

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Modern Original People – Bob Myers

Bob Myers worked his way up the corporate ladder, crafting an enviable career by taking chances, playing his hunches and finding solutions for problems others might find insurmountable, but before we get to that, a little back story. The General Manager, Membership, for the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home to […]

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Modern Original People: Jane Carter

Jane Carter is a force to be reckoned with. A born entrepreneur, she opened Breezin Hair Salon in Cranford, New Jersey in 1982 where she catered to a diverse clientele. “My clients included high-lift blondes and women with locs, and they’d have conversations with each other that they never would have had anywhere else,” says […]

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Modern Original People: Tracey Hughes

The Aussie hairdressing icon Tracey Hughes was an influencer long before social media existed. Her striking photographic images have been published in magazines worldwide; she’s an inspirational keynote speaker whose infectious energy captivates audiences; and she’s been a role model who has empowered female entrepreneurs. Her working philosophy? Begin, believe, become. Two years ago Hughes […]

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